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Online reservation for the training

Online reservationfor the training "Energy-testing with the Biosensor"

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Online reservation for the training

Reserve Online for your training "Work with the Biosensor"

We will train you individual or together with your friend / partner but never in groups of peaople you do not know.
This is a very much hands on training where you either bring your own biotensor or you decide if you want to purchase one of our models (you can use them all day before you decide, and there is absolutely no obligation to buy!). If you decide however to buy a Bio Energy Tester during the training you get a 20% training discount!

If one training session is not enough there is always the possibility to plan another half or full training day.. 

Cost for this training: € 90,- / day (About 6 hours)
Prices are not including purchase of Bio Energy Tester! 

We train in our own training facility: 
Vleugelmorgenstraat 33
6171 NN Stein (Limburg) 

If this is not possible we can also arrange to train you during a SKYPE session so you train from the comfort of your own home. Please call and we will discuss the setting with you. We than send you the coursebook as a PDF file or if you wish printed by (E)mail (With or without Bio Energy tester).

Since you are able to prepare beforehand we usually do not need the full 6 hours this way and can concentrate on specific parts that are not clear and of course help you master the technique's.

Cost for this training is € 30,- / hour (About 3 - 4 hours) You only pay actual spend time.
Prices are not including purchase of Bio Energy Tester! 

You can pay with PIN, cash, upfront, by moneytransfer.

We can facilitate this course in the following languages:

- Englisch
- German
- Dutch

The coursebook is available in Dutch and Englisch only.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you might have.

Phone: +31 (46) 4858068 or +31 (6) 44673554

€ 90.00