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Resonance Balancer, repairs ability to resonate to healing.

Find blockages and repair the ability to resonate to healing frequencies.

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Resonance Balancer, repairs ability to resonate to healing.

The resonance balancer. 

Crystal Quest offers the Resonance Balancer. This is a  complete new development of oursevels and is targetted at the professional Healer/Therapist. It is a "Charged" pendulum of Aluminium and Brass that is fitted with a very powerfull combination of crystals and energy signatures.

The Resonance Balancer can be used to:

Heal the ability of the human and animal body to resonate with benificial Energies and so help healing to take place after introducing healing energies that otherwise would be rejected. Since resonating with thee healing vibrations is restored the effect of the therapy that is targeted at the client after the Resonance Balancer is applied will be significantly improved.
You will be able to scan the body wiyh the Balancer and discover at what part the resonating capacity is impaired (It can even be completely blocked). After that the resonance Balancer is put to the task of repairing the resonance capacity.
The Resonance Balancer is send to you in a wooden box assuring it will reach you unharmed. A instruction leaflet is provided that helps you on your way with your balancer. however do feel free to experimant based on your intuïtion on other ways to utilaize the Resonance Balancer.
This product is being tested by a number of Therapists and healers by now all assuring me that this is a very worthwile addition to their practice.
Dimensions are Appr. 10 cm long, Weight Appr. 70 gram (This can vary since every Balancer is unique and will to some extend be finetuned tou your personal energy). This is done using testing with the biotensor, thus selecting additions that reflect your unique energy.

The price of the Resonance Balancer is € 75,- The documentation is available in Dutch only for now. Englisch translated material will be avaiable soon.

€ 75.00