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Resonance Disconnection Method

Resonance Disconnection Method

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Resonance Disconnection Method


This a completely new, easy to use and profound system to let go of all energetich blockages that are stored in your body (fysical, mental, emotional and spirituel aspect of our being) 

This system is a development or ourself and is a next step, based on "The Bodycode" While working with the Bodycode we dicovered that the bodycode dous not address the deeper aspects of our being and thus is incomplete and unnecessarily complex. 

With resonance disconnection you do not have to re-live or even be aware of the exact sources of the energy blockage locked in your system.


  • Disconnects locked energies that cause imbalances in the body of man and animals making balance posible again triggering your body to heal itself!
  • Easy to learn and apply without special medical or therapeutical knowledge or skills, other than to be able to perform muscle test or biotensor testing
  • Very effective because you can disconnect blocked enegies groupwise..
  • Detailled information about blocked energies at hand is not necessary, does not have to be analized and re-ved.
  • Complete disconnection of all energy blockages is possible. Your body will start healing itself once you start disconnecting and restores balance.
  • It is possible, provided you get consent, to disconnect for other people even at a distance!


YES!, provided you have the ability to apply muscle testing (also explained in this method) or can test with a biotensor (Coursemanual also available at this webshop). In fact this method is a perfect match with your Bio Energy Tester (Biotensor)


You will receive the complete instruction enabling you to very quickly start disconnecting your own blocked energies or the blocked energies of your loved one or clients.  

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