Adjustable Bio Energy Tester with adjustable lenght antenna

€ 125,00
Crystal Quest produces and sells the professional Adjustable Bio Energy Tester (also called one-hand dowsing, Biosensor or Biotensor).
This model is made entirely of aluminum and brass with an antenna (rod) of spring steel. The antenna / rod with a variable length is set in a simple manner. This allows you to adjust the lenghth at the exact desired sensitivity for the testingrequirements you might have at the time. The adjustment range is + or - 10 cm. 
Of course, the Adjustable Bio Energy Tester has a 4mm connection possibility on the underside of the handle so you can connect your accessories that use standard 4mm connectors. All standard accessories (also from other suppliers) can be connected. Most producers of biotensor tools make use of this size (4mm) connectors. This affordable Adjustable Bio Energy Tester with excellent value for money, completely handmade by ourselvesand is very durable and solid.